We at Subthreaded have done extensive research and curated for you what matters most so that you can grow your OnlyFans with ease. In this guide, we'll address questions such as:

  • How can I use social media to grow my OnlyFans?
  • How do I effectively find an audience on Reddit?
  • What are some ways I can optimize my time spent?
  • How do I retain followers while gaining new ones?

And more!

We talked a bit about the advantages of posting on Reddit in our post The Best Social Media for your OnlyFans in 2021. For those uninitiated, here is the recap:

Reddit is our favorite platform to promote OnlyFans. Organized into themed communities called Subreddits, Reddit is an excellent place to amass your following.

When you post to a Subreddit, which is a topic that a Redditor can follow, your post will show up in some Redditors' feeds. If they upvote it, then the content will show up in the feed of more Redditors who follow that topic. This leads to a chain reaction of upvotes; and if your post gets popular enough, everyone who follows that topic will see it!

Regardless though, people will always see your content, and the content that Redditors like the most will get seen by the most.

Reddit can be difficult to master and the rules can change from subreddit to subreddit, but with some understandings of the ins-and-outs, you'll be able to find a great amount of success there.

It's no wonder so many OnlyFans creators in the top 5% are building out their presence on Reddit. And unlike on Twitter, on Reddit you build a brand around your content. People generally don't subscribe to you on the site, they subscribe to Subreddits and promote your content (via an upvote) if they like it.

Why does it not matter that Redditors don't subscribe to you on Reddit? You can imagine someone subscribing to you on Reddit as someone who is following you for the free content. This isn't bad, but it also wont help you get paying fans. What you need is reach, which is what the Subreddit model does so well.

So, let's talk a bit more about Subreddits.

Find subreddits that fit your niche

On large subreddits with thousands of posts a day, you may find it hard at first to get noticed. While it's still worth your time to post to these subreddits whenever you can, you should also be augmenting your reach out by targeting more specific subreddits, where the activity is lower and you're more likely to be seen.

Even more, posting in a subreddit that's more tailored to you can lead to a higher percentage of people who really like your content relative to the size of the subreddit you're posting in. With a higher percent engagement, your posts will be more effective - so even though you get fewer upvotes on a smaller subreddit, your posts could lead to more fans.

But how do I get people to my OnlyFans page?

We get this question a lot. Ideally, your perfect strategy would change from Subreddit to Subreddit (some are ok with putting a link to your OnlyFans in the comment, some are not), but at the very least you should do the following:

  • Post an image to a subreddit with your Reddit username watermarking it
  • Have an OnlyFans account with the same name as your Reddit username
  • Have your own subreddit and post a few images with a link to your OnlyFans on it.
  • Pin these posts to your Reddit profile
  • Again, mention your OnlyFans in your Reddit bio

This effectively allows potential fans to easily stumble across your OnlyFans without breaking subreddit guidelines. Usually, most subreddits don't care about what you post outside of a subreddit, with a few exceptions, such as /r/gonewild.

Schedule your posts so you can focus on creating content

Keeping a constant flow of new content coming to your social media channels can take a lot of effort. Most OnlyFans creators with large and growing user bases instead use a tool to schedule their posts to Reddit.

The benefit of this is twofold:

  • With scheduled posts, you can create several posts in one session and leave the rest up to whatever tool you're using. This will help you streamline your social media outreach process. By planning for a month or two ahead, you spend less time switching between reach-outs and content creation.
  • Using a scheduling tool makes it easier to cross-post across subreddits and even websites, minimizing the amount of time you have to spend manually creating posts. You can reinvest this time into your OnlyFans, or just reap the benefits and relax!

Subthreaded, also a scheduling tool, is particularly useful for OnlyFans sellers on Reddit, providing post templates allowing you to easily reach many subreddits at once. It aims to cut the time you spend promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit by 90%.

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Post in Niche subreddits, but also be diverse

Make sure to stay broad in your strokes — while posting to a more niche subreddit can increase your engagement rate, you also want to make sure your posts are being seen by as many people as possible. Since niche subreddits tend to be much smaller than their more general counterparts, try your best to get a healthy mix of both.

There are tons of subreddits, so you're likely to find many niche categories your posts will fall into. If you post NSFW content, one of the most helpful resources as a growing OnlyFans content creator is this list of subreddits, which contains detailed descriptions of subreddits you can post in, notes on them, as well as their friendliness to you marketing your OnlyFans account. Use caution though - not every Subreddit is accepting of OnlyFans sellers. If you are too forward in your posts, you may end up getting banned from entire subreddits. If possible, try to stick to the ones that are the most accommodating to OnlyFans.

A word on OnlyFans creator-specific subreddits - posts typically won't fall on many eyes in these subreddits. It's mostly other creators sharing their posts, rather than potential fans - but, a potential fan browsing one of these subreddits is likely looking for someone to subscribe to.

So these subreddits can still be worth it; just make sure they're a small part of a larger subreddit strategy.

Create a free OnlyFans alongside your paid OnlyFans

Often, it's not just enough to get your name out there. While that's one part of the puzzle, you also need to give potential fans a reason to sign up. Creating a free OnlyFans works for you by giving fans a further glimpse into the kind of content you'll be uploading to your OnlyFans, and also gives you a strong signal of who is thinking about becoming a fan, allowing for you to more carefully direct your time interacting with. Think of anyone who signs up to your free OnlyFans as someone who, with the right technique, you can convert into a paying fan. Here are some tips for how to interact with subscribers to your free OnlyFans:

  • Send them a message and say hello! Lots of fans just need a small nudge; if you acknowledge them as a valued potential fan, they will be more inclined to sign up. This initial reach out can be automated or personalized, but if they respond to your reach out, definitely go for a personal reply!
  • Give them a closer look at what you offer. Someone who signs up for your free OnlyFans is likely interested in converting to a paying customer, though is unsure whether they should spend the money on it. It's often helpful, then, to give them a lower barrier of entry to see what they'll be getting. If your subscription price is, for instance, $15/month, you may want to send them a short generic video that costs $4 to unlock. This is a win-win for both you and the customer - they get content, and you get some money. What's more, if they like what they see, they may just be enticed to sign up.
  • Do everything you can to make them feel special. Because they are. As long as they are respectful to you, make the customer feel like a valued fan! They're paying to see your content and interact with you monthly because they love what you do. Keep it up, and let them know their value to you.

Choose a reasonable subscription price

A reasonable subscription price doesn't have to be low, but it has to scale proportionally with the amount of value you give to your fans. If you're spending a lot of time interacting with your fans one-on-one, a high subscription price will usually make sense for both you and your fans. If you're not though, your strategy may be best benefitted by lowering your price. Some OnlyFans creators even go as far as having no subscription fee and serving only pay-per-view content.

We'd recommend a starting point of $5-$10 per customer to start, with the ability to change this percent up or down as you build out your style and following as a creator. While this number seems low, it stacks up pretty quickly: for every 100 fans, you will be earning as a base, $500-$1000 per month. Not to mention additional income from pay-per-view content.

If you do want to charge a higher subscription price, make sure the benefits of subscribing are understood by the customer to make the decision easier for them! We'll talk about this in more depth in our next section.

Give a discount to new subscribers

Often, a future potential fan will want to know what they're subscribing to before they subscribe. The easiest way to do this is through a discounted introductory pricing.

Pick something simple like 50% off their first month; or if your subscription price is higher, perhaps something even steeper. You can use first-month churn (the ratio of people who cancel their subscription within the first month) to tell if customers think your subscription price is too high or too low. If there is no churn, you may be able to raise your subscription price without losing any customers; if there is high churn, you may want to lower your subscription price or increase 1:1 interaction to keep customers on board.

Talking to your fans helps! You will likely have a few engaged fans within your community who will give open, honest feedback about your pricing. Take it with a grain of salt (customers will always want to pay less!), but definitely incorporate common themes learned from talking to fans into your opinion of where pricing should be.

Similarly, give a discount for longer-term subscriptions

It's easier to get people to commit to longer-term subscriptions when you give them an incentive over renewing monthly! I

t's a method we see all the time; e.g. "buy one month for $12, or buy one year of access for $100 ($8/month)!" If you choose to go down this route, make sure the two prices are easily comparable – the last thing you want is your customers having to break out the pen and paper to figure out which is the better deal! Frame your price as a price per month to keep it tangible.

Keep fans coming back by making rebill worth-while

If someone loves your content but isn't sure if the price is right for them, they may be tempted to turn off rebill and not let their subscription renew at the end of the month. The best way you as a creator can help them decide to keep rebill on is by simply providing exclusive content for those who elect to keep it on. If you do this, when someone considers turning off rebill, they will have to ask the questions to themself

  • "What does this creator provide for me?
  • Am I happy to be a fan?
  • Is this something I want to lose?".

Their decision at the end of the day may still be to leave, but this moment of pause allows them to take a second look at how they feel, and in that time they may decide to stay. Otherwise, the decision to turn off rebill is very passive for a fan – nothing changes immediately when a fan turns off rebill, and their subscription expiration will very quietly pass them by.

Join an OnlyFans community Subreddit

Reddit has a ton of communities, and that doesn't stop with OnlyFans. If you're new to OnlyFans and Reddit, we recommend checking out the /r/onlyfansadvice community.

As of 2021, the subreddit was nearing over 100,000 creators! You'll find tons of discussion around Subreddits, OnlyFans policies and changes, fans, and more. The community is extremely active and filled with like-minded Redditors who want to see you succeed.


To summarize these points, here's the tl;dr of what we think:

  • Be pointed in your search for fans; know who your audience is and put most of your effort into reaching out to them, but make sure you cast a wide enough net that a lot of people will stumble across your content.
  • Schedule posts to Reddit ahead of time. And if the wallet allows, use a tool so you can refocus your time on content.
  • Give people a glimpse of what you have to offer by creating a free OnlyFans. Link to both your free and paid OnlyFans accounts on all your self-branded social media
  • Choose a subscription price of $5-10/month while you're building up your audience. As you adjust this price, use the feedback you get from your audience growth/attrition to gauge whether you made the right call.
  • Incentivize getting new fans through the door by providing an introductory discount
  • Minimize fan loss each month by providing discounts for longer-term subscriptions and giving extra content to those who keep rebill on.
  • Join a Subreddit OnlyFans community for good advice and fun along the way.

Now onwards! We're excited to see you grow your following, and hope that this advice could give you some insights into what it will take for you to build out a successful hustle on OnlyFans.

- The Subthreaded Team

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