Whether you're new to only fans or a seasoned veteran, you're probably here because you're wondering how you can use all the social media sites around you to boost your OnlyFans growth. We at Subthreaded have done extensive research and curated for you what matters most so that you can grow your OnlyFans with ease. In this guide, we'll address questions such as:

  • What social media are even options for me to post on?
  • What are their pros and cons?
  • and, most importantly: which one is the best if I want to grow my OnlyFans

And more! Stick around to hear some of our answers and how we might be able to help you on your journey.

Social Media: The Slamdown

You're here because OnlyFans alone hasn't been cutting it for you. This is one of the most common problems newcomers to OnlyFans have: while OnlyFans is a great place to showcase your content and interact with your existing audience, it's not a very good platform to allow people to find you! There's no good way to search, only a half-baked recommendation system. Websites like OnlyFinder help potential fans find your content by matching against keywords in your profile description, but this strategy falls short when your profile isn't near the top of the over 500,000 profiles on OnlyFinder. As an upcoming OnlyFans creator, you'll have to take the growth of your fans into your own hands. Most creators these days take to social media to share their profile with future fans, primarily using these sites

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • OnlyFans (Shoutouts!)

Let's go into a bit more depth about each of these social media platforms and talk about what they can bring for your OnlyFans.


Instagram is a good place to share aesthetic photos of yourself and places. You can reach out to new fans by posting photos of yourself on the platform and tagging your posts. Though since Instagram does not allow NSFW content, the ability for you to market and share the content you post to your OnlyFans will be limited. Nevertheless, it's still advantageous to post a few pictures to your Instagram to increase the internet presence of your brand.

As of December 2020, it's also now against the Instagram terms of service to include any direct link that would lead someone to your OnlyFans page, so you won't be able to use your LinkTree here (a website that gives you one single link that you can put other links on)

For now, we recommend the following:

  • Don't put your linktr.ee on Instagram
  • Instead, put a link to your Twitter in your Instagram bio
  • On your Twitter, you're free to link to your OnlyFans


TikTok is an excellent platform for short videos of yourself that could garner lots of attention. Like with promoting your OnlyFans on Instagram, take extra caution in the content you post, and do not rely too heavily on it. It's an unfortunately common occurrence that creators will end up banned for violating the TikTok terms of service. Additionally, TikTok is similar to Instagram in how it handles links - you will not want to put your linktr.ee in your bio out of caution - you could get banned!

For those crusading forward anyways, here's the low-down: your success promoting your OnlyFans on TikTok comes down to video views and engagement. Draw attention to yourself by being funny or playing off of trending video memes. If you see a lot of people doing the same kind of video or using the same kind of sound, try it out yourself. With some hard work and luck, you'll find yourself regularly getting promoted to people's OnlyFans feeds. Once you achieve this, focus on converting some of your TikTok followers to OnlyFans followers. Like Instagram, try linking to your Twitter in your profile, and let them organically find your OnlyFans from there. This audience also skews a bit younger, so if you want to make money off of OnlyFans, this crowd will be less lucrative.


Lots of OnlyFans creators use Twitter, and for a good reason. Twitter, unlike Instagram and TikTok, allows for NSFW content. Creators here often fall into communities where a follower of one OnlyFans creator may end up being exposed to you if that creator retweets your posts or gives you a shoutout. This growth is hard to capitalize on but can be worth it if you're willing to put in the effort. Typically, someone looking to grow their OnlyFans on Twitter can find retweet groups of other content creators similarly looking to grow their OnlyFans. You can strike deals with these creators and retweet each other's content, essentially sharing fans. Aim for creators with medium-sized audiences in the range of 1000s; if they're too large they won't notice you, but most creators will love to give a shoutout to the newcomers. Also, be sure to use the right hashtags when you post! There are bots that crawl twitter specifically to help promote your OnlyFans. So if you include the right hashtag, expect to get some retweets right from the start. Some of the most common hashtags to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter include: #onlyfangirl #onlyfans #model #onlyfanz #sexy #onlyfanscreator #onlyfansbabe #lingerie #onlyfangirls #sellingcontent #beautiful #onlyfansgirl

Another common, quite effective way of getting new followers on Twitter is as follows

  • Find OnlyFans creators who have Twitter accounts in the same niche as you
  • Get a list of all of their followers
  • Message their followers directly! Have a conversation with them and get them to follow your Twitter

Some people see this method as a bit more controversial and claim you'll be converting their followers into yours, but we don't think so! Lots of people are happy to follow multiple people on Twitter, and even pay to view multiple OnlyFans accounts. If someone new follows you after leaving another person, it's simply because you gave them a better experience. Win for you, win for your follower. How effective is this method? Let's do the math: Say you look through a few OnlyFans creator's Twitter account and get a list of 200 followers you want to directly message. If 50% of those accounts follow you on Twitter, and an additional 10% of those Subscribe to your OnlyFans, that's 5% of 2000 followers, or 4 new subscribers. If you have a subscription price of 10 dollars, you are now earning an additional $400 every month by spending an hour a day or less messaging people. This isn't a lot, but the benefits compound. If you add a few more hours a day into it, or spend more time doing it, it could feasibly bring you in an extra $2000 to $3000 dollars per month. Because this approach is highly manual and requires you to individually reach out to each person you want to convert, we don't recommend it if you want a large following. If, however, you have a niche audience that you can target really effectively such that

  • More people subscribe to your Twitter
  • More of those Twitter subscribers become to OnlyFans followers

This approach could work well for you. Use your discretion, but if you want a large audience, we recommend focusing most of your time on Reddit instead!


Just kidding, no one uses Facebook.


Reddit is our favorite platform to promote OnlyFans. Organized into themed communities called Subreddits, Reddit is an excellent place to amass your following.

When you post to a Subreddit, which is a topic that a Redditor (the name for someone who uses Reddit) can follow, your post will show up in some Redditors' feeds. If they upvote it, then the content will show up in the feed of more Redditors who follow that topic. If your post gets popular enough, everyone who follows that topic will see it!

Regardless though, people will always see your content, and the content that Redditors like the most will get seen by the most.

Additionally, popular posts from these subreddits often make it to the website's front page, where the top posts from both SFW and NSFW communities are shared to people scrolling through the special all subreddit. If you want to reach the largest number of people with the greatest ease, Reddit is the ultimate platform to do so.

Reddit can be difficult to master and the rules can change from subreddit to subreddit, but with some understandings of the ins-and-outs, you'll be able to find a great amount of success there.

If you're posting NSFW content, you'll want to make sure that you're posting in the right subs. Some subreddits ban (like /r/gonewild) if you are trying to promote your OnlyFans, some require verification, some expect that the content you post will have a particular quality. But there are tons to choose from! You'll likely find tens to hundreds of subreddits you will want to regularly post to.

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We talk more about Reddit and Reddit strategies, as well as provide a list of subreddits you might want to post on, in our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Growing your OnlyFans on Reddit in 2021.

Even if you don't use a particular social media website to promote your OnlyFans, it's worth your time to create a social media profile with a few pictures of yourself wherever you can, and make sure it links back to your OnlyFans! These accounts will serve as passive ways to increase your numbers by giving the opportunity to someone who stumbles upon your account to find your OnlyFans profile. While it probably won't be your biggest source of new traffic, it's so low effort that it's just worth doing anyway.


There are many social media websites out there in 2021 where we think you'll be able to successfully grow and promote your OnlyFans. Of all these, Reddit and Twitter are the most promising for the growth of your profile.

Twitter is good because you can use networking and the proper hashtags to increase your ability to be discovered. You can also directly reach out to followers of other Twitter profiles just like you. Ultimately though, your success on Twitter will come down to your ability to network. You build a brand around yourself, with your profile front and center.

Reddit is great if you want to just put content out there and let the magic of Subreddits take over. It's no wonder so many OnlyFans creators in the top 5% are building out their presence on Reddit. And unlike on Twitter, on Reddit you build a brand around your content. People don't subscribe to you, they subscribe to Subreddits and promote your content (via an upvote) if they like it.

Lastly, it's best to maintain a presence on other social media websites, though don't stress these ones too much. Posts can be as infrequent as you want, but keeping them allows you to cast a broad net.

- The Subthreaded Team